Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lost post damnit!!!

I hate it when I loose a post...and Bloggers "Recover post" option didn't work.... damnit!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

New flat, new broadband, more work...

I have spent the day working from home and I plan to do the same tomorrow. This is a rare occurrence for me, I don't particularly like working from home it feels lonely. But when I have a report to produce and only two days to do it in the lack of distractions is good.

At least I have the option to work at home now that I have finally got broadband back. Not only is it back but it's 8Mb! Makes more of a difference than I thought it would. I've also finally got wireless networking all sorted out, so when I am working here at least I can do it from the comfort of whichever part of the flat takes my fancy.

Aside from all of that, not much else to report, even with my exceedingly long absence from these pages. More soon...