Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The new Mac Mini is very nice ...

... just have to keep telling myself that I don't need one and can't afford it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

So how are things with you?

As has become normal for the last few years it's been quite a while since I last blogged. I hope 2010 has been as good for you all as it's been for me so far. Thought I'd post an update on what's been going on for me this year.

The day job that I moved to in September last year is still proving to be a great choice for me. Great people, interesting work (gobs of data flying around all the time) and relaxed, meaning it's the first job that i'm not stressing about when I'm not there.

Launched a couple of project so far this year and working on 2 more that should prove interesting and important to various people in the organisation.

We managed to get the new version of http://www.sportbilly.com complete for the World Cup and people seem to be having a good time.

The iPad arrived (blogging from it right now) and the new iPhone is coming later this month, so my gadget habit is progressing nicely.

With the relaunch of http://www.sportbilly.com out of the way I've got a weekend free to perform some much needed maintenance on the iMac, so I've left iDefrag doing it's thing and escaped to Starbucks where i am writing this.

All in all life is pretty good right now, I hope it is for you all. I'm going t try to post a little more here, and make some changes to the blog in the coming months. Don't know what people want to see on here but I'll probably write about the SB relaunch process and what i learned from that and the iPad/iOS situation.